People learn and take in information in many ways. While some people love to read, others prefer to listen. Some people love to see things via illustrations, while others want a personal experience to feel things BEFORE they truly understand them. The classic 4 learning styles are:

  • Audio
  • Visual
  • Verbal
  • Kinesthetic

Creating compelling content works best when you find a way to say the same thing in many ways, appealing to each of the learning styles. Sending a message through various channels not only makes it easier to reach all types of learners, it makes it easier to put out more content with less effort.

A rule in advertising called the Seven Times Factor explains how audiences need to see an ad seven times before they truly notice it is there. Have you ever watched a commercial on TV and you can’t remember what it was about? You heard it, you saw it but did you even remember it? I know that happens to me. I have to see that commercial at least 5 times before I really pay any attention to it or remember what they are even advertising. People need to see a message more than seven times to be impacted. This means you need to embrace the value of saying the same thing many ways.

You can use the same compelling content repeatedly


You might feel like a broken record sharing the same information again and again but there are things to consider:


🎤Consider- People don’t always see the information when you put it out. Life gets in the way and people are not always ready for what you are sharing. And consider algorithms on Social Media channels. I don’t see posts from all of my friends anymore.


🎤Consider- Emails go unopened. If someone is busy or they think the information doesn’t apply to them, an email can go unopened. Offer the information again and it may strike a chord a different day.


🎤Consider- People are distracted. The day your content came out, they may have been unwilling or unable to engage. Offering the information another day may land with the right person who needs it most.

You can say the same thing different ways by using different mediums:

  • Blogging
  • Video
  • Podcasting
  • Products

Each of these options can be used to share the same information in a different experience. The more often and more variety you use, the more likely your content will compel someone to engage.


There is value in saying the same thing many ways. Repeating yourself isn’t a bad thing when it comes to creating compelling content and engaging an audience. It is valuable to consistently share similar information in new ways that connect with the various learning styles. Go forth and be confident in sharing your content over and again.


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