As a keynote speaker you only get paid for each time that you speak. How many motivational speaker gigs do you have in a month? It could be one or two or more. Would that be enough income to cover all your expenses for the month? What if you were to get sick and you had no other forms of income coming in for the month?

That could really put a hurting on your bank account. That makes your income linear as a keynote speaker. You need other and multiple streams of income coming in to sustain you.

Some additional income streams as a keynote speaker are:


Books (they can be e-books, hard cover books, or Kindle books


Workshops: 1/2 day, full day, or multiple days

Speaking Templates

e-book Templates

Media Kit Templates

One Sheet Templates

Plus these income marketing streams:


Paid Webinars

Online courses

Group coaching programs/one on one coaching

Membership or subscription programs

Sell products such as t shirts, mugs, and digital items/programs


Affiliate Marketing


I’m sure there are other things as a professional speaker that you are now doing that can be turned into a different type of presentation. We sometimes have to think outside the box.


Nowadays, building multiple streams in no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity . Having multiple streams of income is a wise marketing investment. You are not putting all your eggs in one basket by relying only on your public speaking marketing. Just relying on public speaking gigs alone is not a guaranteed formula of steady income or revenue streams. You need multiple revenue streams of income. You are creating a lifetime revenue stream for you and your family to leave a legacy.

Who wouldn’t want to rack up profits by waking up to an extra $500 to $1,000 dollars a week in your bank account as a motivational speaker. Cha ching!!

Yes, you can make a lot of money giving talks in person. The downside to that is, you must be present to do it. That can be time consuming. When you get on a plane and fly out of your city it can be costly. The hotel, food, and transportation costs can really add up. Plus jumping on a plane flying out to speak can be exciting in the beginning but it also can take you away from your family if you have one.


So what do you think? Can you add some of these revenue streams of income into your life right now? Leave a comment below and let me know.


Deborah Northcutt is the CEO of I am a Speaker Support Consultant who helps seasoned or aspiring speakers, coaches, and entrepreneurs find their ideal speaking opportunity, I free you up to speak so you can shine your light and grow your business with high level support. Wondering why you’re not getting any speaking gigs? Find out here.


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