Let’s say that you are a new speaker trying to break into the speaking field and you want to get paid? Well one of the most important tools that you will need is a speaker reel, also known as a demo reel, and also known as a sizzle reel.  You need to know about how to make a stand out sizzling speaker reel that gets you booked.

Now what is a speaker reel? And what is the purpose of having one a speaker reel showcases your core message, your energy on stage and your ability to connect with the audience while you’re on stage speaking. If the event organizer has never seen you speaking live, this is the number one way of getting high quality, paying speaking opportunities. Your video quality is crucial and tells the event organizer a lot about you as a speaker so make sure it is high quality.

How To Make A Stand Out Sizzling Speaker Reel That Gets You BookedShow Audience Footage – Laughing And Engaging


There’s no better seal of approval than showing the audience giving you a standing ovation. And who doesn’t want a standing ovation. That is definitely proof that you are a great speaker and the audience is enjoying what you’re talking about. And applause is good, too. Show the audience reacting favorably to your talk, laughing, and taking selfies of themselves. Make sure that you give your audience something fun to do as you’re talking so they can interact with one another and interact with you.

You Need Great Footage From At Least 1 – 3 Speaking Engagements

Every time you speak, especially if you’re speaking for free, you want to ask the event organizer upfront before you speak, if you can have a copy of the video. If you can’t have a copy of the video, ask the event organizer if you can bring a friend to collect some quality video for you. Now, you don’t want to be able to take video yourself, you want to concentrate on being up on that stage, rocking it and killing it and connecting with your audience.

So bring somebody along with you who can take pictures of you speaking and also take pictures of the audience because you want to connect and and see what the audience reactions are to your speaking.

Having a lot of high quality video options will save you time and money down the line. So keep collecting as much video as you can and put it in the file folder for your keynote speaker reel. 

Get Client Testimonials – Preferably On Video


How To Make A Stand Out Sizzling Speaker Reel That Gets You Booked


If you can, get client testimonials, preferably on video. Now what better way to approve your speaking by using testimonials from the audience from where you spoken at. Client testimonials are key to decision makers. Without seeing your whole talk, potential clients want to know you helped others.

Keep all your material handy so you can update it from the most prestigious organizations and people. Testimonials can be live videos (recommended) or they can be someone’s short praise about your speaking. Interweave these testimonials between the short clips of you speaking.

How To Make A Stand Out Sizzling Speaker Reel That Gets You Booked

Have Good Music That Suits Your Style

You can find free music to use in the background on Google, go to t Google free music for your speaker reel. But make sure that when you do Google free music for your speaking reel, that it’s royalty free, that it doesn’t have any copyright infringement. You want to make sure you don’t get sued for using some else’s music.

Another place besides Google is www.bensound.com .  Make sure that your music is light, upbeat, and entertaining. Like I said, you want to choose music that fits your style. Let the music keep your audience excited throughout your demo reel.

How To Make A Stand Out Sizzling Speaker Reel That Gets You Booked (Use A Good Editing Company For Your Speaking Reel

If you’re a good editor yourself, and you know how to edit your video, for speaking, we’ll then go ahead and do it. And of course the cost would be free and you don’t have to worry about paying someone to do that for you. But if you need to get someone to edit your speaker reel for you, make sure that you get a good demo reels edited by a professional editor. And it can be done for under $1,000.


But the amount of money that you spend is not as important as what is delivered in this video, you definitely want to get somebody to do a fantastic job editing your video, because you don’t want your video to look cheap. As the old saying goes, you get what you paid for.

People are convinced by your expertise, not how slick that your speaking real is. But your speaking real is the best sales tool out there. So please do not skimp on this step. Like I said, don’t go cheap on this, make sure that you get a professional editing company who knows how to edit your speak speaking reel to put you in the best light.

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