Most business owners don’t realize how to use LinkedIn and just how powerful LinkedIn is. LinkedIn can help you generate leads, build your brand, and make much needed connections. But most business owners are not on LinkedIn or they are on it but not using it the correct way.

When it comes to using this social media marketing platform, people think of it as being a networking site or a place to get a job. No my friend, LinkedIn is a place you want to be especially if you are in the B2B business. LinkedIn has 364 million users.  I’m going to discuss 5 reasons why you need to be on LinkedIn.


For Lead Generation

This platform has the highest referral traffic out of the social media sites. Better than Facebook and Twitter, Facebook is seen as the top dog of social media marketing for businesses but that is incorrect. LinkedIn has more that 467 million users on this platform. And 57% of usage is mobile. That makes this social media marketing site for business perfect for B2B marketers. It is invaluable for marketing, finding leads, and making sales.


Increased Search Visibility

When your profile is properly optimized it increases your chances for ranking in Google search. That gives you valuable search results with the Google search engine. But you must have these things done in order to rank:

  • Keywords in your bio page, page description, and header
  • You have a completed profile at All Star status
  • Have links back to your website, blogs that you write and post


How To Use LinkedIn For Circulating Your Content

There are many ways to circulate your content using this platform. You can post in relevant groups in your niche, individual updates, on your personal or business page, and company updates. As long as your content is strong, you attend to get more visits in LinkedIn groups that are in your niche. LinkedIn doesn’t get the recognition for content syndication like it should. Sharing your social media marketing content get’s you in front of all of your current connections and followers. Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn has no filtered feed or algorithms to worry about. When you post an update it will appear in your followers feed no matter how often they have interacted with you in the past. Which keeps you top of mind with your followers. You always want to keep your content in the newsfeed daily.


For Personal Branding

You want to be known as the expert in your field. And the way to do that is build trust and be known as an authority in your industry. You can do that by sharing other people’s content, getting involved in discussions, and answering questions to show your expertise, That way when people become curious and want to know who you are, they will research your company and  most likely want to make you a connection.


I hope you found this article helpful for how to use LinkedIn in your business. It’s a worthwhile social medial investment for your business. Are you using this social media marketing platform?


Deborah Northcutt is the CEO of I am a Speaker Support Consultant that helps seasoned or aspiring speakers, coaches, and entrepreneurs find their ideal speaking opportunity so they can shine their light and grow their business with high level support. Schedule a time to talk with me if you need help to see if we are a good fit

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