Bruce Lanzerotti M.S.

Bruce Lanzerotti

Experienced Business Development Executive, Lowering the Cost of Employee Benefits and Healthcare Insurance

I approached Free You Up Va because I was in need of help with my LinkedIn contacts. Free You Up Va helped me by building a relationship with my contacts. The results I got from Deborah Northcutt's help was outstanding and really expanded my networking contacts. I am going to use her again in the near future.

Sherry Shine

Sherry Shine

Workplace Environment Analyst at SSG EEO Services, Inc

Sherry was a client of Deborah’s Deborah was very detail oriented and worked tirelessly to help me reach my business goals. She provided me with more visibility with my social media pages.

She also provided training on maneuvering the social media accounts. She gave suggestions on my marketing campaigns and provided insight into improvements for customer appreciation. I highly recommend her virtual assistance services. It gave me the opportunity to focus more on my other income generating functions.