A Little About Me

My name is Deborah Northcutt. I am a dedicated Speaker Support Consultant. I help seasoned or aspiring speakers find their ideal speaking opportunity so they can shine their light and grow their business with high level support.

During my years in the Virtual Assistant world, I gained hands on experience about what it takes to support speakers that are ready to get on stage to make an impact and grow their business. I enjoyed helping Coaches, Entrepreneurs and Speakers get the speaking engagement and share their message with the world so they can shine their light. Now, I dedicate my entire business to it.

I have extensive experience providing high level support, planning and accountability. I have worked as an Administrative Executive for 12 years with a variety of people such as Managers, Directors, and CEO's of companies. I’ve always loved supporting and helping people.

Think of me as your partner! The partner that handles the not so glamorous side of being an up and coming speaker. This is where I shine.

I will locate your ideal opportunity, ensure follow up happens before the event and post event follow up happens as well. You need those testimonials! This is the crux of my work. I believe lack of follow up leads to missed opportunities and missed income as well.

Interested in seeing if we are a good fit? I am, too! Contact me today for a getting to know each other conversation.